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Where to Buy Avodart (Dutasteride) Canada?

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Avodart is used for treating prostate enlargement which is known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH in medical terms. Unlike most of the other medicines used for prostate related problems, Avodart works by shrinking the prostate over a period of time and in this way, the cause of urinary problems is treated instead of only the symptoms. There are several benefits of using Avodart:

• It shrinks the size of prostate
• It improves the troublesome urinary symptoms
• It reduces the requirement for surgery that has to be done for prostate enlargement
• It reduces the chances of certain problems like acute urinary retention or AUR which means sudden inability to pass urine.

Actually, Avodart lowers the amount of dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is the male hormone responsible for shrinking of an enlarged prostate. When the prostate is small, the urethra does not need to undergo much pressure and as a result, several troublesome urinary symptoms are improved.

As Avodart targets DHT, it begins to shrink the prostate size in some men in a period of only one month. As the medicine shrinks prostate over time, it prevents the symptoms of enlarged prostate from becoming worse and also reduces the risks of requiring prostate surgery. It has been proved through studies that Avodart not only reduces the size of the prostate but it also improves the symptoms for up to a period of 4 years.


Follow the instructions whatever your doctor has advised you regarding using this medicine. It has to be taken exactly as prescribed. You can take Avodart with or without meals and usually, it is recommended to take one capsule of 0.5 mg once in a day. The capsule has to be swallowed whole without chewing or opening. It is advised not to take the leaking or cracked capsules. If you want to take most of the benefits of Avodart, you have to take it on a regular basis. You will be able to remember taking it if you make a routine to take the capsule at the same time every day. Improvement in the symptoms can be seen within 3-6 months of taking the capsules.


Continue taking Avodart even if you are feeling well and remember not to miss any dose. Even if you have missed a dose, you can take it whenever you remember. But if time has come to take the next capsule on the next day, then it is advised to skip the missed dose. This is because it is not recommended to take two capsules at a time. Women, especially pregnant women or those who are planning to become pregnant, should not handle these capsules. If some woman accidentally touches a leaking capsule, she should immediately wash the area with water and soap. Avodart should be kept at normal room temperature, away from moisture and light.