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Where to Buy Cefaclor (Raniclor) Canada?

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Cefaclor belongs to group of high effective antibacterial drugs with wide action specter. This antibiotic acts by bactericidal effect, disturbing synthesis of cell’s wall of bacteria. Pharmacological feature of this antibiotic is resistance to beta-lactamases action, that’s why it is not destroyed in case of beta-lactamases infections, by the way it can actively resist to majority of pathogens.

Main action of drug occurs due to block of components cross-linking, required for providing of durability, rigidity of cell’s wall. Getting weaken, cell’s wall of bacteria lets trough active substances and occurs lesion of microorganisms.

Cefaclor is high effective relating to gram-negative bacteria and gram-positive bacteria, in some cases it can be used for treatment of anaerobic infections. As majority of antibiotics, it successfully copes with infectious diseases of ENT organs, gastrointestinal tract, urinary ways, and skin. In case of severe forms of infections attacks Cefaclor can be prescribed in complex with others antibiotics for quicker and effective action.


Use of Cefaclor antibiotic under supervisions of doctor will bring more use that independent drug’s use. Qualified medical worker will manage survey and identify source of disease. Also, doctor will prescribe to you recommendations for use and required dose.

• Dosage of Cefaclor for adults is 0.25-0.5g 3 times a day

• Maximal day dose is 4g, divided in 3 use

• For children from 1 month, the drug is prescribed in dose 10-20 mg/kg every 12hours.

• Maximal day dose for children older than 1 age- 40mg/kg

• Pills are required inside, during eating, or not later than 1 hour after eating.

• Continuous Cefaclor use is 7-10 days.


• Tetracycline can make weaker antibacterial effect of drug, that’s why it is not recommended to combine Cefaclor and with others drug from this group.

• In pregnancy period and breast feeding, the use of drug is not recommended, because of the possibility of penetrating it to breast milk.

• If using Cefaclor you’ve noticed allergy, it is needed to stop taking pills and consult with doctor in no time.

• Children till 1 month are not recommended to take antibiotic.

• During treatment it is needed to control functioning of kidney\liver

• In case of continuous use, it is needed to begin use of antibacterial drugs.