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Haldol (Haloperidol) Canada

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Selecting from numerous antipsychotic medications available on the pharmaceutical market, it is important to pay due attention to Haldol as an approved and effective treatment. Haloperidol, an active component of the treatment, affects the brain chemicals, changing the way they influence the organism. Such an action allows treating schizophrenia and controlling certain body functions in people affected by Tourette’s syndrome. The drug can be also used for other conditions, not listed in the safety guide, though only after doctor’s consultation.


Using Haldol a patient should remember about possible consequences and complications that result from its misuse. Thus, once you have decided to take the medication, you should obligatory talk to your doctor and make sure the pharmaceutical will not interact with your health disorders and other treatments you take.

Follow doctor’s prescription to achieve the maximal possible effect. Avoid increased or decreased doses, since it can lead to the drug misuse and related side effects. Generally, Haldol can be taken with or without food, according to the stomach response to the medication. Severe heart rhythm complications and other abnormalities may occur as a result of Haldol overuse. Thus, never increase the recommended dose. Continue using the drug for the full length of the medication course, as the symptoms of the disease may improve within several weeks. Do not stop Haldol administration abruptly. Otherwise, you will experience undesirable and harmful withdrawal reactions. Better skip the missed dose rather than double the next one.


Talk to your physician before Haldol use. Inform your doctor about other health complications you have if any. Mind the safety recommendations for the drug use. The treatment is contraindicated for patients allergic to Haloperidol or other ingredients of the remedy. Nervous disorders and Parkinson’s disease should not be combined with Haldol intake. Additionally, the desirable effect of the therapy can be significantly decreased by a range of other health problems, including thyroid disorders, long QT syndrome, seizure disorders, kidney or liver problems, severe chest pain, heart conditions, electrolyte imbalance and others. The ingredients of the medication can harm the health of unborn or nursing children. That is why pregnant and breastfeeding women should eliminate its use.

Drug Interactions

Haloperidol, an active component of the medication, can promote sleepiness; thus, warn your doctor if you use other drugs, such as sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, allergy treatments, narcotic pain remedies and others to avoid excess sleepiness during the treatment course.

Multiple other pharmaceuticals can interact with Haldol decreasing its effectiveness and triggering dangerous reactions. Such medications include heart rhythm treatments, antidepressants, cancer remedies, anti-malaria drugs, etc.

Side Effects

Haldol misuse may result in a number of severe side effects. Seek emergency medical help in case allergic reactions and other complications have occurred after the medication use. Prolonged Haldol use and high doses can trigger dangerous irreversible movement disorders. Among other abnormalities caused by Haldol are headache, angina, seizures, severe dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness, stiffness, uncontrolled eyes, arms, tongue movements, reactions of the central nervous system and others.