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Where to Buy Ribavirin (Rebetol) Canada?

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Ribavirin belongs to group of medication called nucleoside analogues which are antiviral medications. Ribavirin stops the spread of the virus that causes the hepatitis C. Ribavirin also prevents the damage of the liver caused by the virus as well as the spread of the infection from one person to the other.

The ribavirin is available in the form of tablet, capsule and oral solution. The tablet should be consumed twice daily and the treatment should go on for 24 to 48 weeks or more. Ribavirin can be consumed along with food or alone. The dosage consumed should be as prescribed by the doctor. We should never play with the dosage on our own. In case you are consuming the liquid form of ribavirin, shake the container well before consuming. The spoon used should be washed well before and after use.


Ribavirin is used for the treatment of hepatitis C with yet another medication called interferon. There few other utility of the ribavirin. Ribavirin can also used to treat viral hemorrhagic fever. Viral hemorrhagic fever is nothing but the bleeding both inside and outside the body caused by particular type of virus. The affected person will die if not treated immediately. Ribavirin can be used for the treatment of SARS too. SARS is nothing but a breathing problem which may lead to pneumonia and death caused by virus.


The person who is allergic to ribavirin should refrain from the usage of the same. The person who is allergic to corn should not use ribavirin without the suggestion of the doctor. The details about the consumption of other medications such as vitamins, herbal products, nutritional supplements etc should be promptly reported to the doctor. The doctor should be communicated if you are having the habit of drinking alcohol. If you had ever used the drugs and the same should be informed to the doctor without any hesitation. If you had ever had problems such as depression, anxiety, HIV, cancer, psoriasis, Gilbert syndrome, gout, lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, thyroid problems etc, all needs to be reported to the doctor if you are to consume ribavirin for treatment of hepatitis C.