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Where to Buy Prevacid (Lansoprazole) Canada?

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Prevacid is also a tablet for the treatment of heart burn. During recent times, this heart burn disease affects millions of people across the world. Prevacid prevents the stomach from producing acids and even they are also used for the treatment of acid ruflex disease. Prevacid is a short term treatment which usually takes 4-8 weeks for relief of duodenal ulcers. (Ulcers near the exit from the stomach). The treatment extends up to 8 weeks for the relief of stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (backflow of acid into the canal to the stomach) and erosive esophagitis (severe inflammation of the canal). Prevacid is also used for the treatment of excessive acid production, such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. This treatment is also a long term treatment which takes 8 weeks for the relief. Even stomach ulcers are generated while taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil, Motrin, and Naprosyn. In such cases, relief can be obtained by proper usage of prevacid.


Prevacid is a long term treatment when it is taken orally. Prevacid tablet is taken once in a day which is recommended after a meal. If tablet is taken in an empty stomach, then it makes to feel uncomfortable. Consult with your doctor for the dosage purpose. Follow the instructions given by your doctor and have the tablets accordingly. The tablet should be swallowed fully which means the capsule should not be made in to several pieces or mix up with water, milk or food etc. Some people may feel difficulty in swallowing the whole medicine. In such cases, the tablet can be opened and the granules inside can be sprinkled on applesauce which must be swallowed immediately. The granules which are present inside the tablet should not be chewed or crushed. Doing such activity and consuming may do not give its result for the symptoms. Do not stop taking prevacid until the dosage period gets over. It is recommended to continue even if you feel better. For achieving best results, do not skip any of the doses. Consult with your doctor at regular intervals.


Prevacid can’t be taken if you are having liver disease in which prevacid is not recommended. In such cases, doctor’s advice shall be taken and doctor will provide a dosage adjustment or some other special treatment shall be given .Even consumption of prevacid by the pregnant ladies should be consulted with doctor before starting. Prevacid belongs to the FDA pregnancy category B which means it is not expected to be harmful to the baby while pregnant period. Chemicals which are inside the prevacid also passes into the breast milk which is not recommended for breast feeding. Consult with your doctor about the prevacid in the case of breast feeding. Doctor may give a suitable suggestion about the dosage for the ladies who feed to their kids.