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Unplanned Pregnancies – Things You Should Know About Adoption

There are millions of women who face unplanned and unintended pregnancies every year. When it comes to take decisions on what to do about an unintended pregnancy, you have lot of options to think about. The most popular three options are – abortion, adoption, and parenting.


There are many women who choose adoption when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. However, the information and support in regards to this subject is really important. It is true that the decision is personal, but an expert’s suggestion is crucial to understand what’s best to do in this situation.


Why Do Women Decide to Put Their Baby for Adoption?


According to a recent report, about half of all women in United States have an unplanned pregnancy at some point in their lives. And a large group of women decide to give birth and put their baby for adoption for various reasons. There are many reasons why people decide to place a child for adoption. For example, they’re not ready to be a parent, cannot afford to raise the child, or they are unwilling to be a single parent. It is a process when you give birth and then select someone else to parent and bring up your child. It’s a permanent and legal process where you agree to put your child in the care of another person permanently.


Who Can I Talk To About Adoption?


Women who face unintended pregnancy may suffer from stress and depression, and as a result, they fail to take the right decision. While talking to your partner, friends, and family members is a good option, most women prefer to talk to go for adoption counseling services when they are making a choice about an unplanned pregnancy. An adoption counseling service can provide you with the right information and help you think through your decision. There are many such organizations that have specially trained staff that can give you significant information and support about all your adopting options and other resources. These counselors can even refer you to adoption agencies or other resources available in your area.


What Are Different Types of Adoption?


There are mainly two types of adoption – open and closed. Closed adoption is very confidential where the birth parent and adoptive family have very little or no information about each other. In this adoption, the both party don’t stay in contact after the adoption process is completed. Women who want more privacy may choose closed adoption.


In open adoption, the birth parent and adoption meet each other before the adoption. Sometimes, they even continue to build a relationship as the child grows up. Typically, most adoption processes in United States are open. The most interesting thing about open adoption is that here the child always knows of the adoption.


How do I start?


If you are a women facing from unplanned and unintended pregnancy and thinking about placing your child for adoption, you can contact an adoption counseling agency. These agencies have specially trained staffs who offer adoption counseling services for women who fail to take the right decision about their pregnancy. They can help you guide through the adoption process as well.