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Treat fertility disorders with innovative techniques – Rely on an Expert

Dr. Paul C Magarelli Reviews have been quite positive regarding his contributions to the medical field. It is evident that he has been able to carve a niche in the medical world with his state of art fertility treatment and services. He treats his patient with lot of compassion helping them to come out of their trauma of being childless. Every childless couple regards their visit to his clinic to be a fruitful one.  It is true he uses high-technology to serve his patients but you cannot deny the personal touch he adds to his treatment. This helps the patient to recuperate faster and feel better and positive about the probability of conception. He has specially trained professionals who treat the patients in a highly compassionate and respectful fashion.


He advises all women to take up exercise however expectant mother should follow it regularly. Exercising not only reduces stress but also generate happy hormone in the body having positive effect on the overall health of the foetus. For those women who cannot take up exercising, can at least take-up walking during the evening to keep them healthy. However he advices expectant mothers to walk only in shady areas as overheating might cause discomfort to them. He also advises expectant mothers to take sleep and rest adequately. Dr. Paul C Magarelli MD Reviews asserts that in cases where women were facing sleep disturbances, he helped them overcome it with the help of meditation or yoga.


Unique Infertility treatments


He along with his wife treats infertility in a competent manner using In-Vitro Fertilization technique. However what is unique about his treatment is the inclusion of acupuncture within IVF treatment. To help his patient understand the reasons which leads to infertility, he undertakes regular seminars on infertility. Renowned lecturers come over and help the patient know the causes and treatment of menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome and even andropause. He also devised a unique treatment for “Insulin Resistance” helping them to lose weight without going for crash-dieting methods.


He also tries to study the cyclic changes of the ovary and understand the changing pattern of pituitary hormones to comprehend the effect it has on rate of fertility. He also undertakes evaluation of the nervous system and the effect it generates on reproductive capabilities of an individual before initiating a treatment plan. Induction and ovulation is also performed for treating fertility disorders.


Qualification and achievement


He did his graduation from a very reputable Duke University Health Sciences Residency.  He has been acknowledged for his efforts by being associated with one of the oldest fertile centre of the region. He was honored by making him the President of The Pacific Coast Reproductive Society. Thus Dr. Paul C Magarelli MD Reviews has been very positive regarding the inexpensive fertility treatments that he is known to provide.  He will be presenting a very enriching talk in 2015 regarding integrative fertility symposium highlighting on innovative methods to deal with this disorder. As he has a doctorate degree in Nutritional Biochemistry, he is providing an online fertility course for beginners.