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The Top 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

You have no say in how your genetic code will assemble itself to give you the facial features and body type that you have. Needless to say, this usually results in people not being entirely happy with the way you look. There are certain physical aspects about themselves that they would like to change. This is why there is an increasing number of people who are undergoing plastic surgery.


Especially in Scottsdale cosmetic surgeon are receiving more and more patients who wish to alter the way they look. This raises the question as to what the most common surgeries performed are. Here is a list of the most popular procedures:


1.      Breast Surgery


The most popular type of surgery is breast augmentation. This involves increasing the size of the breast. In 2010, alone it was performed on over a quarter of a million people. This procedure involves surgically inserting breast implants into the breasts to improve the size and appearance of the chest. The most commonly used implants are composed of either silicon or saline.


2.      Rhinoplasty


Nose jobs were the second most common type of surgery performed. Rhinoplasty adjusts the shape and size of the nose for a more desired appearance. In a single year, over 250,000 of these procedures were done. This surgery can also be performed for medical purposes. In certain instances, the nose may have to be reshaped to make it easier for a person to breathe. It can also help alleviate other breathing issues.


3.      Eyelid Surgery


There were over 200,000 of these procedures done in one year. This is where the upper or lower eyelids are reconstructed to improve their appearance. Eyelid surgery is usually performed to reduce the signs of aging. In certain instances, it is also done to help people to have better vision as loose skin can obstruct sight. This procedure is usually undertaken by older individuals.


4.      Liposuction


In the span of a single year, more than 200,000 of these operations were performed. Liposuction is generally used as a form of weight loss. It can be used as a way to target fat or excess weight on certain areas of the body. This spare mass can then be removed. Tubes inserted into the patient’s body, essentially, suck the fat out. This leaves the individual slimmer and smooths the curves of the body.


5.      Tummy Tuck


There were over a 100,000 tummy tucks performed in one year. Tummy tucks are not for weight loss. Rather, they involve the removal of excess skin from the abdominal area. They also repair any damaged muscles in the stomach region. These corrections improve the appearance of the stomach and make it look leaner and tauter. This surgery is usually an accompaniment to drastic weight loss.


As medical procedures in the world of cosmetic surgery improve, there are more people who are undergoing such surgeries. The popularity of plastic surgery continues to rise as it is becoming a more widely accepted practice. There are various parts of the body that people wish to target and alter it to create a more pleasant appearance.