Our Team
Dr. Sreekanta S
Sr. Neurologist
Dr. Krishna K N
Dr. Vikram Kamath
Sr. Neurologist
Dr. Dilip G
Sr.Spine surgeon
Dr. Ganesh K Murthy
Sr. Neurosurgeon
Dr.Sanjiv C C
Sr. Neurologist
Dr. Arun L Naik
Sr. Neurosurgeon
Dr. Abhilash Bansal
Dr. K. Kartik Revanappa
Associate Consultant Neurosurgeon
Dr. Prashanth L K
Neurologist & Movement Disorder Specialist
Dr. Rakesh Jadav
>> Neurosciences

Neurology & Neurosurgery

The Department of Neurosciences is an advanced neuro-care centre. Established at the very inception of the hospital the department has seen excellent growth in terms of expertise, numbers, outcomes and type of surgeries carried out. Today the Neurosciences team is a dedicated and highly motivated unit - skillful & dynamic in deliverables. The Consultants are qualified products of prestigious institutes of the country and abroad who have won laurels during their academic years. All of them have the added qualification of profound International exposure, training work experience and combine into an effective and divergently skilled team.

The department offers a disease specific, patient focused approach in treating all neurological and neurosurgical disorders including sleep and behavioral disorders. The department is backed by a well established imaging, electrophysiology and lab services that help in accurate diagnostics. It also runs a dedicated sleep lab.

Apollo Hospitals, has dedicated spine units with some of the best surgical teams in the country at the helm . Apollo's Spine Centers have many medical milestones to their credit. The Apollo centers perform the full range of spinal procedures from Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS), to major complex spinal reconstruction. The units are also well known internationally for complex deformity surgeries as well as revision spine surgery

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