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Dr.Prashanth .S.Urs
Sr.Consultant Neonatologist & Pediatrician
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Comprehensive Newborn Screening

Newborn Metabolic Screening: Newborns born with metabolic conditions can go undetected at birth and present with severe problems later on in life. We screen all the newborn babies to detect treatable metabolic conditions with a small drop of blood taken from the heel of the baby.

Newborn Hip Screening: Some of the newborn babies are born with dislocation of hip, which may go undetected on clinical examination. We screen all high risk babies with ultrasound of hip joint to detect and treat this condition early. We’ve Pediatric Orthopaedician who is expert in dealing with these conditions.

Congenital Heart Disease screening: Some of the babies born with congenital heart diseases can go undetected at birth and likely to present later on with severe complications. In our unit we screen all the newborn with pulse oximetry to check oxygen saturations in the blood to detect these conditions early & initiate appropriate investigations & treatment.

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