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Dr.Swarna Das

MBBS, MD (General Medicine)

Senior Consultant, Physician

  +91 984 507 8570


Dr. Swarna Das has vast experience not only in her clinical field, but also in teaching field.


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  • She has worked in several colleges and hospitals as a faculty.
  • She started her career as Senior Registrar, M.S. Ramaiah Medical Teaching Hospital, Bangalore. Later she worked as a Medical Officer in HAL Hospitals, Bangalore.
  • She has also worked as a Lecturer, Assistant Professor  in Dept of Medicine across various medical colleges.
  • She has worked in Mauritius as a Professor in the Department of Medicine in SSR medical College.
  • She also offered her services as a Medical Specialist in Medicine at the King Khalid Hospital in Al Kharj (KSA).

Specialty Interest

  • Preventive Medicine.
  • Pranic Healing.

Research & Publications

  • Dr. Swarna Das also has a special interest in the field of Research, Education and Publishing. She has presented many papers.
    • Clinical profile of acute MI with special reference to DM (APICON 91).
    • A case report- a patient with bleeding disorder with anti bodies against Factor VIII(API Meet HAL).
    • Effect of fixed dose of I-131 therapy in Grave”sThyrotoxicosis at Pondichery.
    • Profile of Mortality in Diabetic pts At MSRMTH.
    • Case reports- Yellow Oleander poisoning-published in KJMS.
    • Study of antiphospholipid antibodies in young MI patients.
    • Study of prognostic and clinical application of micro albuminuria.
    • Two case reports on TOXOPLASMOSIS
      • Cerebral Toxoplasmosis.
      • Toxoplasmosic Myocarditis.
    • Efficacy of Pranic healing in IHD Patients as documented by Gas Discharge Visualisation and Cardiovascular Cartography at International Symposium on Yoga and Lifestyle, Dharan, Nepal
    • Aura Photography (Co-author) API&CSI Karnataka chapter, KAPISSICON-Manipal.
    • Self Healing for behavioural problem & school performance in juvenile boys (co author) 10th National conference of Behavioural Medicine Society of India, KMC Manipal.
    • Human Bio-energy field in Health and Disease, Studies using Pranic healing and Gas discharge visualisation.
    • She has presented a Poster on Study of Acute Encephalopathy at Neurological Society of India Bangalore.
    • She has authored a curriculum book for AICTE certified course on Pranic Healing Health Management.

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