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Dr. Prasanna K S

MD (Medicine), DM (Gastroenterology)

Consultant, Department of Gastroenterology

 +91 944 829 7002

 Dr. Prasanna is the latest addition to the team of Medical Gastroenterology at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore. He brings with him dedication and commitment to take the department to the next level.



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  • Dr. Prasanna is well versed in the invasive endoscopic gastrointestinal procedures.
  • He manages complicated gastrointestinal and liver disease and performs complicated endoscopic procedures.
  • He has obtained special training in gastrointestinal manometry and pH metry

Specialty Interest

  • Field of luminology and motility disorders of Esopohagus and ano-rectum.
  • Endoscopic gastrointestinal procedures.

Research & Publications

  • Dr. Prasanna has contributed to several Research activities, these include
    • Drug –Induced liver injury with hypersensitivity features has a better outcome: a single- center experience of 39 children and adolescents.
    • Characteristics of Ascites in Patients with Pregnancy-Specific Liver Diseases.
  • He has also contributed to several Abstracts namely
    • Mortality prediction with a simple model of bilirubin and international normalized ratio (INR) in pregnancy specific liver diseases (PSLD).
    • Ascitic paracentesis in patients with Buddchiari Syndrome on oral anticoagulation is safe despite high INR.
    • Modified TIPS for Budd Chiari syndrome:experience from a tertiary centre in north india.
    • Prediction of survival in patients with cirrhosis using different prognostic models.


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